About Us

Our Mission

We strive to encourage this AND future generations to take control of their lives through the freedom to learn at their own pace, the opportunity to explore a variety of careers, and exposure to everyday life skills. Students will learn to make a change in their lives and communities thus creating a bright hope for our future.

Change 4 Hope is a Life Skills Extension Program. We are dedicated to helping students form a Plan - of - Action for life after High School beginning with Junior High grades 8th-12th.



Members in Change4Hope will be expected to learn and meet these objectives: 

* Students will take ownership of their learning

* Students will have the opportunity to explore possible future careers.

* Students will shape into a well rounded person.

* Students will gain self-confidence, excellent study habits and communication skills.

* Students will be able to identify issues and solutions to any issues, which will shaped them into outstanding and skilled problem solvers.