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2022-2023 Workshop Class

$20 a month per student

Payment Options

Currently, Change 4 Hope accepts Cashapp, Zelle, and Cash payments.


  • Communication

  • Interview 

  • Dress attire

  • Application 

  • Time management 

  • Mail package/address/

  • Short term goals 

  • Peer pressure 


  • Shop for groceries (lists, budget, coupons)

  • Write a check

  • Tip

  • Prepare if you are pulled over when driving

  • Write a professional email

  • Write and send a handwritten thank-you note

  • Manage social media presence

  • Cope with loneliness


  • Say “no”

  • Read a bank statement

  • Use ride-share services safely 

  • Make a phone call rather than texting (some things require a conversation)

  • Make, change, or cancel an appointment

  • Deposit, withdraw or move funds in an account (either by ATM, phone app, or teller)

  • Memorize their social security, credit card, and student ID numbers

  • How to wisely borrow and lend money


  • Walk away from…anything

  • Utilize a meal plan and not waste money

  • Shop for groceries (lists, budget, coupons)

  • Maintain scholarships and financial aid

  • Eat healthily and resist unhealthy food choices

  • Fill out health insurance forms

  • Clean anything and everything software 

  • Find and work with a study group


  • Find academic help/tutors/mentors on a college campus

  • Cope with feelings of stress or being overwhelmed 

  • Write a resume

  • Consume alcohol, safely

  • Stay safe

  • Create and stick to a budget

  • Deal with unexpected expenses

  • Recognize fraud in emails, phishing, and phone calls


  • Communication

  • Stay current with the local and national news

  • Deal with a car accident

  • Be your own strongest advocate in a positive way

  • Follow an auto maintenance schedule

  • Understand auto insurance and coverage

  • Sew a button

  • Change bed sheets


  • Greet someone respectfully, with eye contact and a handshake

  • Research potential career paths

  • Iron, or at a minimum steam an item of clothing

  • Manage if a credit card is lost or stolen

  • Be your own strongest advocate in a positive way

  • Be clear about consent and the wishes of a romantic/sexual partner

  • Aid a friend who has drunk too much

  • Aid a friend who drugs too much


  • Remember and recognize important dates in other’s lives

  • VOTE

  • Turn off a smoke alarm

  • Use a fire extinguisher

  • Enough sleep and exercise 

  • Get and use birth control

  • Change a flat tire

  • Use jumper cables


  • Create a lifelong habit and plan for saving money

  • Understand, improve, and maintain your credit score

  • Find medical care in an emergency and how and when to call an ambulance

  • Understand how compound interest impacts savings or borrowings

  • Turn off an overflowing toilet

  • Do their taxes

  • Choose a doctor

  • Correctly use over-the-counter medications


  • Dress for an interview

  • Know when to seek professional medical or mental health services

  • Apply for jobs, internships, and on-campus positions

  • Complete a LinkedIn profile

  • Communicate

  • Do laundry

  • Use any form of transportation including navigating and ticketing

  • Maintain scholarships and financial aid


  • React and what to do in a lockdown

  • Stay in touch with friends and family

  • Get renter’s insurance

  • Orientation

  • Prepare if you are pulled over when driving

  • Use basic tools for minor repairs

  • Save money on textbooks

  • Community service 


  • Put yourself out there and make friends

  • Travel 

  • Dress for success 

  • Worker vs Business Owner

  • Social Media

  • High Education 

  • Military 

  • Investment 

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