Teen and Young Adult Career & Resources Virtual Event

Date: May 4, 2021

Time:  5:00pm - 7:00pm

Place: Virtual

Hosted By: Change 4 Hope

Welcome to the Annual Teen & Young Adult Career and Resource Virtual Event. The purpose of the event is to give high schoolers and
graduates , along with young adult stepping into college, military, technology, certification school, work force or taking time off, exposure to a variety of opportunities that students that might not attain in public school, charter school, private school and many other learning pods.


C4H believes in the 3 “E’s” receiving education, hands on experience and retain the knowledge by being
exposed to the careers.


Engage in the stage with live music/video, view the partnership (logos), go to sessions to learn more about the many showcased businesses, explore the expo (select which booth you like to talk and ask questions and how can you get involved. Go into as many booths as you wish) and lastly back go the stage for closing!

If you have any questions message Mr. James Green or Deetra Poindexter for tech support.