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Please consider supporting the Change 4 Hope Organization through the purchase of a shirt, sweatshirt, mug, and many more items. All proceeds will help towards Life Lesson Skills, Internships, Candlelight Vigil for Domestic Violence for Teens & Young Adults, I AM Teen Summit, Social Speed Networking,  Travel, Meal,  Volunteer Staff * Training * Leadership * Shelters Your purchase help spread the word to many Teens and Youth Adults across the world to have a better understanding of LIFE. Giving them the 3 E’s Exposure, Experience and Education. The opportunity to peek into their future.

Place your order by contacting LDL Creative Makers:

Make payment to $change4hope

change4hope shirt.jpeg

Change 4 Hope Shirt - $25


Change 4 Hope Sweatshirt - $35


Change 4 Hope Tumbler - $25

i am teen summit.jpeg

Teen Summit Shirt - $25

change4hope i am teen summit shirt package.jpeg

Change 4 Hope & I AM Teen Summit Combo - $50.00

Get both the Chnage 4 Hope shirt and the I AM Teen Summit Shirt


Change 4 Hope Combo - $100

Get all the Chnage 4 Hope merchandise including a shirt, sweatshirt and tumbler. 

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