I Am Powerful is to release the power that every teen has at their fingertips “Your Voice”. Every Teen has the Power to make a change 4 Education, Government, Society, Future and to Hope 4 Justice, Diversity and Achievement.


The purpose of the I AM Teen Summit is to expose teens to opportunities to evaluate what is going on around them and to regroup from the dangers that seek to cause them harm.  Giving teens the exposure to find the solutions to equip them with rising above and overcoming the dark places. To give a gleam of hope as they exist in this world, reiterating you are needed, and you have a purpose for greatness. This event allows for teens to have a revival to renew their energy to stand up and say " I AM ... and I have everything I need to be Powerful with MY abilities, skills, and tools that are inside of me to be extraordinary." The I AM ... Teen Summit will provide and give students guidance, experience, strength, and instruction on how to handle any warning signs on their path to success


Saturday, February 20th, 2021  |   11:00am - 3:30pm 

Location: Virtual

Teens Overcoming Pressure Emcees

1. Topic: Mental Illness        

by: Dr. Gabrielle Starr    

Founder of Ladies of Favor,Inc.

Ladies of Favor Dream Academy 

Time: 11:20am-11:40am 


2.  Topic: Technology (online learning)  

By: Christina Guillen   

Founder and Head of Schools for 7 Pillars Career Academy 

Time:  11:40am-12:00pm


3.  Topic: Parental Pressure 

By: Angel Massey       

Founder of Pick Me Foundation, Inc.  

Time: 12:05pm- 12:25pm


4. Topic:  Peer Pressure      

By: Stephanie Moore     

Moore Marketing and Communications Political

Consultant Community, Relationship Manager for the 

DiPasquale Moore Law Firm, Founder of She’s a BOSSE &

Grindaholix: Young Men on the Rise, Author of Echoes, In His Favor, 

Into the Promised Land Abundance & More

Time:  12:25pm-12:45pm  


5. Topic:  Financial Literacy  

By: Archie Emerson      

NID HCA Emerson Branch Manager

Women Council of Empire Board of Realtist-Board of Governor

Time: 12:50pm-1:10pm


6. Topic: Pressure to Succeed Academically  

By: Elisa Turner    

College and Scholarship Coach, Educational Consultant 

Time:  1:10pm-1:30pm


7. Topic: Uncertainty about the Future

By: Honorable Valencia Stovall, Managing Member, Georgia Youth Career Center, LLC

Time: 1:35pm-1:55pm 


8. Topic: Teens Resources 

By: Rosalind Lett

Director of Libraries, Clayton County Library System

Time: 1:55pm-2:15pm


9. Topic: Hear My Voice   

By. Arthia Nixon


Time: 2:20pm-2:40pm


10. Topic: Leadership      

By: Kimberly Winston

CEO Ride to the Olympics Foundation,

Fashion & Polo Classic 

Time:  2:40pm-3:00pm 

If you have further questions, contact us at: Iamteensummit@gmail.com