Change 4 Hope offers many opportunities for members, including on the job opportunities. Here's who to contact for available jobs depending on your interests: 

Thalia Yanez: 

Interested: web building, flyer designing, power point creation


Isaiah Crawford:

Interested: music, producer, beats, video, editing, filming, fashion


Xavier Poindexter:

Interested: leadership, sports, food & culinary, modeling, PR, Ambassador


Niga Jackson:

Interested: Community service, outreach events, civic rights events, volunteer hours


Niada Jackson:

Interested: networking, emails, writer, letters, newsletter, website, author

Need extra help to find information on: Training, Resources, Education, Government, travel, etc…

More references and sited can be given, if requested. 


Clayton County Library “Job Now"



STEM/Robotic “coding, engineering, programming”



Polo/Equestrian “leadership, travel, sport”


Construction and Skilled Trade Careers, Georgia Youth Career Center, LLC Website:


Education: “college, scholarship, essay, testing ACT/SAT”



Social/Civil Rights “NAACP”



Entertainment “TV, radio, interview, makeup, fashion, solutions”