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Change 4 Hope Educational Planner 

Change 4 Hope program allows each parent, student and institutional educational facilities to have their own Educational Planner.


Deetra Poindexter is the education planner for Change 4 Hope. We focus on the 3 E’s Education, Experience and Exposure to give to each student along with Life Skills to be successful beyond high school and college.


What is an Educational Planner? 

  • Educational planning is the process of preparing for your post-secondary education. Effective educational planning enables you to make a smooth transition from high school to college, further technical education or military service. A good educational plan will provide you and your family with a map of your future education and career goals.


When should you get an Educational Planning

  • That is a question that parents and students answer within their planning for college and technical training. With accelerated programs starting in middle school now, educational planning can begin as early as middle school. Parents, administrators and teachers can help middle school students take advanced courses with educational goals in mind. Carefully planning middle and high school coursework can help prepare yourself for college. Many students miss important educational opportunities because they delay making important educational decisions and not having hands-on exposure, experience and education of the career seeking. A lot of parents, administrators and teachers lack in giving to the students.


What’s the Consulting Fee:

  • Change 4 Hope program monthly cost is $100.00

 “Students learn inside the walls of the school but TRUE Knowledge is Learned outside the walls” Deetra Poindexter


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